Common Door Lock Problems and Quick Fixes By Locksmiths

A lock is the most important thing that should be installed in the main door as it ensures the safety and security of your residence. Security door locks are complex mechanisms with tiny moving parts and, as such, can break down in time. Apparently, a broken lock should not be left without repairing it properly as it hampers the security to a large extent. You, as a homeowner needs to understand what could go wrong with a door lock, and how to address it immediately.

Stuck Key Issues

Unmindful insertion of random keys is the primary cause of stuck keys at home. This happens when people are intoxicated, in a hurry, or too sleepy to check. Although it appears only to some people, this common mistake causes serious hassles, especially when a person is a home alone. If you face stuck key issues, and there are no other ways to get you into the house, the quickest solution is to get a lubricant. If this is not a feasible option, ask a few drops of virgin olive oil from your neighbor or friends. Apply grease or oil into the cylinder and pull it out slowly. As you can see, it would take time, effort, and money to resolve the stuck key issues if you do it alone. To solve the problem quickly, hire the best cheap locksmith miami beach .

Lock Doesn't Latch Properly

When the door locks don't latch properly, it means the strike plate and latch are misaligned. To loosen the screws, tighten the hinge screws and adjust the strike plate. Then, shift it slightly. If possible, file the slot in the strike plate to receive the latch. Shifting the position of the strike plate involves mortising the jamb. You can also replace the strike plate with an adjustable one to solve misalignment. If you do not know which strike plate works best, you need to consider getting a locksmith Miami Beach. To learn more about locksmiths, you can visit .

Fixing Loose locks
A loose or faulty lock is perhaps the most serious security issues one could ever encounter with his or her door. A broken lock is characterized by knobs that unlock quickly using any pointed object like small knives and hairpins. Old age is the factor that is mainly causing this issue. The easiest way to have this fixed is to consider lock replacement with a new set of keys installed by locksmith Miami Beach. 

At the end of the day, maintaining locks, doors, and doorknobs is not just about protecting your property, but protecting your safety as well. If diagnosing and solving malfunction problems is a daunting task for you, don't jeopardize your safety and call Miami Beach locksmith right away. Cheap locksmiths are dedicated to providing quality miami beach locksmith services for commercial, residential, and automotive clients.